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Tap, tap, tap – see how they run,
Clickety-clack; this sure is fun.
Painting a picture – up until three.
Behold the slayer, on a bug-killing spree!


Black dresses and curly tresses,
Playful banter, gentle caresses;
A warm smile that joy professes,
Indulgence but in tiny excesses–
Bowl me over; my heart confesses.

Tarry a while

Think not my mind of this pain you’re in
For it saddens me so; and you ne’er did in the past.
You lit up my life and brought joy therein
So stay, don’t go; I beg and pray that you last…


Forgive my silence — no words can I utter.
Speak if I will, then joy must I feign.
Pretend a nonchalant air keeps my heart aflutter;
While I remember the past and swallow the pain…

Run Like Hell

I ran, and then ran some more.
Ran after dreams that were forlore.
Ran until my feet were sore.
Now run will I, forevermore…

It Snowed in Seattle

Flakes of white, what a pretty sight.
Floating in the breeze, in the middle of the night.
Illuminating the dark by scattering the light.
Ravishing, yet stark; oh, how you delight!
Flakes of white, what a pretty sight.

You Hardly Ate

Lunch this afternoon was a fabulous one.
Talk of times bygone and things yet to come;
The rain disappears when out shines the sun,
The time it flies, and then you’ve got to run.
Lunch this afternoon was a fabulous one.

Twenty six of us may cause you strain,
Twenty six of us can ease your pain;
Twenty six of us might help you know,
Twenty six of us will make you grow;
Twenty six of us can make you cry,
Yet at times, we make you fly;
Come with us; together let’s cast a spell —
And expunge the banalities of this morbid hell.


In the verdant hills, amidst trees of lime,
A blackbird he sits, perched singing his song.
Unaware of place, oblivious of time
And without a care — just whistling along.

His tune is fresh, his music — brave and new,
His score is one that knows no pain.
Like warm rays of sun in a sky clear and blue,
Unhindered by clouds — not a chance of rain.

Sing songbird, sing! Your heart be content.
These vales — may they echo your tune divine.
That I may too — as I listen intent —
Capture your magic in this heart of mine.

The stars — they shine in the night so bright,
The rain, ’twill not cease,
I close my eyes, I wish you might —
Appear and my sighs relieve.

Come to me yet, whisper in my ear,
Tell me you still love me so.
Kiss, caress and hold me my dear
And promise you’ll never let go.

The wind, it blows a cold harsh tune.
The stars, they glow steely bright white.
I wish it were the month of June,
Instead of this cold December night.

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