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The silence eternal, the darkness infernal,
The pain; it won’t go away.
Though fondness be vernal, her grace is supernal;
The mem’ries are here to stay.

Memory Lane

She lives in the numerous corners of my mind,
But when I need her, she’s impossible to find;
Lost then I am with a sordid heart,
Try all I can, but our paths do part.
And indelible memories, they are not kind.

Autumn Blues

These shades of gray that go whizzing by,
Some of them crawl, the others they fly.
Lacklustre clouds — they hang around nigh:
Amidst dreams of Sun and listless sighs.

Selkirkian Lament

Two logs of a raft, most inseparably tied,
Torrential waves; circumstances collide.
Cacophonous dissonance, desertion blurry-eyed;
Marooned on an island — must one abide?

The Sleepless Plea

The night is calm, the stars are bright.
But inside there’s mischief brewing tonight.
Neither to the left, nor to the right.
But high up above, where dreams take flight.

Throw down those moonbeams, climbing them I may
Alight to the skies — and out of this maze.
Lighten my darkness, and colour my grays.
And free me from all discord and dismay.

And when it’s darkest and the night seems long,
Cradle me close, sing me your song.
Teach me to tell the right from wrong.
Till I find my way home — where I belong.

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